Blademaster glyph

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Blademaster glyph
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Static glyph

      Donation thank-you gift



Blademaster glyph is a static glyph. The blademaster glyph has no procs that can be leveled up.


You blademaster glyph has no level requirements — you can begin to use the blademaster glyph as soon as you acquire it.

Axe proficiency

The blademaster glyph adds one additional point towards sword proficiency for each hunt that you begin (PvE, PvB, PvCB, or offensive PvP) using one of the sword-type weapons.

If you were to gain your sword proficiency using a blademaster glyph from the beginning, you would require fewer hunts than normal:

Proficiency level Leveling without
blademaster glyph requires
Leveling with
blademaster glyph requires
Sword proficiency level 1 3,000 hunts 1,500 hunts
Sword proficiency level 2 7,500 hunts 3,750 hunts
Sword proficiency level 3 20,000 hunts 10,000 hunts

Additional benefits

In addition to speeding your sword proficiency to level 3, a blademaster glyph increases by 20% the amount of damage done by your sword-type weapon.



You can only receive the blademaster glyph as a thank-you gift for making a donation to support the future development of Chronicles of Blood.


You cannot trade or give a blademaster glyph to another player.

You can make a donation on behalf of another player and select the blademaster glyph as the thank-you item that other player will receive.


You cannot disenchant a blademaster glyph.


  • 18 June 2012: The blademaster glyph was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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