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The blacksmith is the merchant in the lair of the dragons. The blacksmith sometimes sells particularly exotic items to intrepid vampires who've been brave enough to enter the lair of the dragons.

And,of course, the blacksmith is the go-to person when you need help crafting a specialty item.


There is no special magical item you must find before you can visit and do business with the blacksmith. You can go see the blacksmith beginning with your first visit to the lair of the dragons.

Doing business

The blacksmith will help you with your craft projects once you have acquired all the necessary crafting materials and have reached the appropriate level.

Depending on the item, you may need to pay the blacksmith in some combination of credits and blood sapphires, in addition to supplying him with the appropriate crafting materials.

Crafted items

Visit the blacksmith to craft the following items. See each individual item's page to see a detailed list of the crafting mats required.

Item Type Level Rage Control Constitution
Dragonhide belt Belt ajaLevel 90 64 70
Dragonhide boots Boots aeaLevel 40 25 30
Dragonhide gauntlets Hand armor aiaLevel 80 60
Dragonstaff Weapon aeaLevel 40 30 25
Dragonwand Weapon acaLevel 20 20 15
Great dragonstaff Weapon ahaLevel 70 45 30
Imperial gryphon Mount ajjLevel 99 66 66
Jar of dragonfire Accessory agbLevel 61 45
Masterful dragonstaff Weapon baaLevel 100 60 45
Polaris dragon Mount afaLevel 50 35 22
Pristine dragonscale Accessory afaLevel 50 40

For sale

The blacksmith currently has no specialty items available for sale.


  • 10 July 2012: The blacksmith merchant was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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