Black dream opal

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Black dream opal
Accessories-Black dream opal.jpg
Bound accessory
Blank image2.jpg     Requires:
Level 1
Procs-Brainblast.png  Proc: Brainblast level 3
Procs-Chain attack.png  Proc: Chain attack
Procs-Focused mind.png  Proc: Focused mind level 2
Procs-shadowward icon.png  Proc: Nightward level 5
Procs-Paranoia.png  Proc: Paranoia level 2

      Donation thank-you gift


Dream as if you'll live forever.
Live as if you'll die today.

— James Dean


A black dream opal is a bound accessory.


You can begin to use the black dream opal as soon as you acquire it. There is no stated level requirement on the black dream opal.

Passive abilities

The black dream opal increases your chance of hitting an opponent by 5%.

The black dream opal increases your chance of making a critical hit on an opponent by 5%.

The black dream opal also increases the chance that you will gain the brainblast proc in battle by 5%.

Sockets and gems

A black dream opal has a total of three sockets for gems:


You may gain one or more of the following procs when the black dream opal is part of your active setup:

  • Procs-Chain attack.png  Chain attack: The chain attack proc is an offensive and disruptive proc that gives a chance to deal an additional weapon attack in the same combat round. Chain attack can be gained up to 5 times in a single combat round. Effects that are triggered by hitting an opponent may also trigger again.
  • Procs-Paranoia.png  Paranoia: The paranoia proc is an offensive proc that causes the opponent to take extra damage from psychic sources. Paranoia is a level 2 proc on a black dream opal.


A black dream opal accessory can be combined with one or more of the following items to form the set Deep sea terror:

Accessory Kraken heart
Accessory Starfish shield
Weapon Tidebringer
Coffin Dominion coffin

When multiple set items are used together, your entire set-up receives one or more additional bonuses. See the Deep sea terror page or the sets page for more information about those bonuses.



You can only receive the black dream opal accessory as a thank-you gift for making a donation to support the future development of Chronicles of Blood.


You cannot trade or give a black dream opal to another player.

You can make a donation on behalf of another player and select a black dream opal as the thank-you item that other player will receive.


You cannot disenchant a black dream opal.


You cannot remove a black dream opal from your inventory by scrapping it for credits.


  • 17 June 2013: The black dream opal accessory was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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