Belt of Artemis

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Belt of Artemis
Belts-Belt of Artemis.jpg
Bound belt
Blank image2.jpg     Requires:
Level 132
Procs-Toughness.png   Proc: Toughness level 1
Procs-Bloodbane icon.png  Proc: Bloodbane level 2
Procs-Tenacity.png  Proc: Tenacity level 3
Procs-Ancient blood.png  Proc: Ancient blood level 3
Procs-Astral cleansing.png  Proc: Astral cleansing
Procs-Healing icon.png  Proc: Heal level 3
Procs-Deflection.png  Proc: Deflection
Procs-Heroism.png  Proc: Heroism level 3



Really, I'm trying to care, Artemis, really.
But I thought it was all supposed to be over when the fat lady sings.
Well, she's singing, but it doesn't appear to be over.

— Eoin Colfer


Belt of Artemis is a bound Belt.


You must be at least level 132 to use the belt of artemis.

Passive abilities

Belt of Artemis increases your chance to hit by 5%.
Belt of Artemis increases your chance to critically hit by 3%.
Belt of Artemis increases your maximum blood by 60.
Belt of Artemis increases your bloodlust by 18.
Belt of Artemis reduces the cost of fighting bosses (PvB/PvCB) by one bloodlust.


You may gain one or more of the following procs while using the belt of artemis:


A belt of artemis can be combined with one or more of the following items to form the Olympian treasures set:

Boots Hermes winged sandals
Chest armor Poseidon's chestplate
Hand armor Zeus thundergloves
Head armor Hades helmet

When two or more set items are used together, your entire set-up receives an additional bonus. See the Olympian treasures page for more information about those bonuses.

Additional info


You must craft the belt of artemis with the assistance of the Undead broker, the local merchant in the Crows Hill Cemetery nightmare mode.

Crafting materials

To craft the belt of artemis you must collect and deliver to the Undead broker 10,000,000 credits, 1000 blood sapphires and 3000 blood badges along with the following crafting materials:

  • 1000  
Corrupted wood
  • 1000  
Hell cloth
  • 100  
  • 100  
Broken fangs
  • 30  
Scarab shell
  • 7  
Shadow cube
  • 2  
Golden gryphon feather
  • 2  
Amethyst gryphon feather
  • 2  
Red gryphon feather
  • 2  
Green gryphon feather
  • 2  
Blue gryphon feather
  • 2  
Black feather


You cannot trade or give the belt of artemis to another player.


You cannot disenchant the belt of artemis.


You cannot remove the belt of artemis from your inventory by scrapping it for credits.


  • Belt of Artemis was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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