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Belts are an additional type of armor/equipment.

Belts also introduce end-of-combat procs, which give a chance to do a great deal of damage in the final round of a battle.


Belt Level
Location Damage type Rage
Annihilation belt     Annihilation belt
bcg Level 126 Secret laboratory or Blood altar Shadow Blood priest—Quest reward
Atlantean belt     Atlantean belt
bbiLevel 118 Underwater city Psychic Quest reward
Belt of Artemis     Belt of Artemis
bdcLevel 132 Crows Hill Cemetery nightmare mode Healing Undead broker—Crafting
Belt of mirrors     Belt of mirrors
aabLevel 1 Soul Donation thank-you
Belt of the ancients     Belt of the ancients
abe Level 14 Dark forest Healing 13 Crazy hermit — crafting
Belt of the dark hero     Belt of the dark hero
abd Level 13 Mystic Donation thank-you
Bloodlord belt     Bloodlord belt
abb Level 11 Mystic Donation thank-you
Bucklebone belt     Bucklebone belt
aibLevel 81 Crows Hill crypt Mystic 59 Loot
Bull belt     Bull belt
agf Level 65 Red pastures Physical 55 50 Cow oracle — crafting
Cinderash belt     Cinderash belt
aff Level 55 Infernal planes Fire 47 Soul trader — crafting
Daywalker belt     Daywalker belt
abb Level 11 Field of the dead Holy Loot

Deathcaller belt     Deathcaller belt
adbLevel 31 House of the 7 sins Shadow 18 18 Loot from the sloth
Dragonborn belt     Dragonborn belt
aigLevel 86 Hidden Cyberlabs Base Fire Secret supply storage—Crafting
Dragonflame sash     Dragonflame sash
bbfLevel 115 Underwater city Fire 50 Captain Dick Rydercrafting
Dragonhide belt     Dragonhide belt
ajaLevel 90 Lair of the dragons Mystic Blacksmith—Crafting
Dragonskin belt     Dragonskin belt
agg Level 66 Lair of the dragons Physical 52 52 Blacksmith — purchase
Duelist belt     Duelist belt
agg Level 66 Physical 12 Battlemaster's store
Gargoyle belt     Gargoyle belt
abb Level 11 Soul Donation thank-you

Ghost belt     Ghost belt
ahg Level 76 McCloud Manor Mystic 55 Banshee — crafting
Glacial Belt     Glacial Belt
ada Level 141 Golden summer lake Ice The Workshop — crafting
Hellfire Belt     Hellfire Belt
adg Level 36 Zirkus des Schreckens Fire Sultana's ring toss —Crafting
Hellblaze Belt     Hellblaze Belt
agg Level 66 Zirkus des Schreckens Fire Sultana's ring toss —Crafting
Ice belt     Ice belt
aje Level 94 Mount messmer foothills Ice 28 Yeti trader — crafting
Insanity belt     Insanity belt
aee Level 44 Dark oblivion Psychic 35 Chaos agent — crafting
Leather belt     Leather belt
aag Level 6 Crows Hill Cemetery Physical 12 Undead broker — purchase
Leviathan's belt     Leviathan's belt
bbfLevel 115 Soul 12 Battlemaster's store
Nighthunter's belt     Nighthunter's belt
abb Level 11 Healing Donation thank-you
Parasitic belt     Parasitic belt
aeg Level 46 Healing 36 Battlemaster's store
Primordial belt     Primordial belt
afa Level 50 Toxic Donation thank-you
Pumpkin belt     Pumpkin belt
aeb Level 41 Field of the dead Healing Loot from the Pumpkin monster epic boss
Ratling belt     Ratling belt
ace Level 24 Underground Sewers Toxic 19 Hunchback — crafting

Sash of the oasis     Sash of the oasis
ageLevel 64 Dust devil desert Healing 51 Cultist of Seth — crafting
Shadowcaster belt     Shadowcaster belt
abbLevel 11 Western field of the dead Shadow Loot from the Bogeyman epic boss
Shinobi belt     Shinobi belt
aefLevel 45 Hidden Cyberlabs Base Ballistic Secret supply storage—Crafting
Shock belt     Shock belt
aee Level 44 Abandoned industrial complex Electric 30 Weapon smuggler — crafting

Shuriken belt     Shuriken belt
adf Level 35 Oldtown Physical 24 24 Black market dealer — crafting
Skull belt     Skull belt
aah Level 7 Crows Hill Cemetery Shadow 12 Undead broker — crafting
Slayer Toolbelt     Slayer Toolbelt
aheLevel 74 Silverlight lake Physical The Tinkerer — crafting
Sniper belt     Sniper belt
aie Level 84 Cyberlabs inc Ballistic 58 58 Supply drone — crafting
Spellcaster belt     Spellcaster belt
bcgLevel 126 Secret laboratory or Blood altar Mystic Blood priest—Quest reward

Tool belt     Toolbelt
afe Level 54 Silverlight lake Physical Loot
Truesilver belt     Truesilver belt
aff Level 55 Infernal planes Holy 47 Soul trader — crafting

Venom belt     Venom belt
bbaLevel 110 Dread jungle Toxic Jungle expeditioncrafting

Warbringer belt     Warbringer belt
agf Level 65 Physical 53 Battlemaster's store
Warforge Belt     Warforge Belt
bca Level 120 Zirkus des Schreckens Fire Sultana's ring toss —Crafting


  • 7 May 2012: Belts were first released in Chronicles of Blood.

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