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The menu item Boss under Hunting ground has now changed to Epic & Coven bosses. There you can see both types of bosses and all the summoning items you possess.

Coven bosses are bosses for a group of 20 vampires. They can only be defeated if all members of that group work together. For those who will say that they don't have that many friends etc.: Chronicles of Blood is still a social game, meaning you have to play with others. You can either invite new people to Chronicles of Blood, something that we appreciate very much, or you can go to Facebook groups that will surely be created for this purpose. Please do not post coven boss URLs on the forum!

A feature that requires many players naturally comes with drama attached. Yes, there will be cases in which some players don't carry their weight and let the group down. Please don't make a fuss about it and complain about those players on the forums. Chronicles of Blood is a cool game that we all love, but at the end of the day it is still a game. Players who have initiated a coven boss fight have the option to uninvite others if they see that they deal no damage. The group will lose all damage done by the uninvited player(s) and the player(s) won't be able to join that particular coven boss fight again.

To be successful in coven boss fights you should first do normal PvE, then do epic bosses to get gear with heroism/tenacity, and then coven bosses. We like the idea of a strict progression path.

Check out the new items that Coraline sells for the new currency Blood badges.

Coven bosses

Participating and summoning

Coven bosses can only be defeated by a group of 20 vampires. A coven boss is summoned with an orb which is a drop from normal creatures. Coven bosses are level 20, 30, 40 etc. They are considered bosses for PvB items and abilities.

Each coven boss can be battled by 20 vampires. Your rewards when the coven boss is beaten will depend on the difference between your level and the coven boss's level.

Inviting players

Once the boss has been summoned, other players can be invited via the Call your coven button which makes the boss visible in the livefeed, or by telling them the URL of the boss which is displayed in the boss battle screen.


Players have 3 days to defeat a coven boss from the moment it has been summoned. A coven boss gets a type and abilities that are chosen randomly for each battle. Furthermore they have procs and abilities from two pools: The damage school pool, e.g. the fire pool and the general proc pool. So no two fights are the same. This means that it is advisable that players adjust their gear to achieve better results.

A batle of 5 attacks costs 12 bloodlust. Should the boss reduce a player's blood to zero then that player will lose 60 bloodlust.

Each player has a cap on the amount of damage they can inflict. That cap is based on the player's level. A rule of thumb is that a boss will be defeated if all players deal 75% of their level cap. Players can go up to 100% to help out players that don't deal enough damage.

There is now an "execute" phase where all damage limits are removed for the final 12 hours of a coven boss battle.


Players can get exclusive items from coven boss fights, including gems, boots, and blood badges, a currency introduced with coven bosses. They can also receive scrolls and words of command from a coven boss, as well as occasional drops of common crafting materials.

Blood badges

The number of blood badges a player receives is based on

  • the player's level;
  • the coven boss's level;
  • the difference between the player's level and the boss's level; and
  • the percentage of their damage cap the player dealt.

The person who summoned the coven boss will receive extra blood badges if they reach 75% of their damage cap.

The maximum number of blood badges a player can have is currently capped at 3000.

Loot modifiers

Only loot modifiers from equipment that specifies "PvCB" work on coven bosses!

Claiming loot

Players will have 5 days from the time the boss is summoned to claim their loot.

Loot tiers

  • Players that deal between 25% and 50% of their damage cap get 10% of the badges received by a player of the same level who dealt 75% or their damage cap.
  • Players that deal between 25% and 50% of their damage cap receive 25% of the credits and xp received by a player of the same level who dealt 75% of their damage cap.
  • Players that deal 100% or more damage now get an extra 10% blood badges.
  • Players that deal between 100% and 124% damage have a 1% better chance of receiving loot
  • Players that deal between 125% and 150% damage have a 2% better chance of receiving loot.
  • Players that deal more than 150% damage have a 3% better chance of receiving loot.

If you deal between 50% and 75% damage in a coven boss fight you receive 50% of the XP a player at the same level who dealt between 75% and 100% of their damage cap.

 ; Damage done as a percentage of your level cap
Loot type 25% – 49% 50% – 74% 75%–99% 100%–124% 125%–149% 150% of cap
and more
General loot chance 1% additional chance of loot 2% additional chance of loot 3% additional loot chance
Blood badges 10% of the badges of a player at the same level who dealt 75%–99% 50% of the badges of a player at the same level who dealt 75%–99% Standard amount 10% additional

Loot modifications based on level differences

Gems and rubies

If your level is 10 or more levels above the coven boss's level, you will receive 0 gems and 0 blood rubies.

Exclusive loot

If your level is more than 10 levels above the coven boss's level, you can still get all other items that the coven bosses drop.

Other info

Coven bosses are deleted 48 hours after the time to defeat them has expired.


  • 12 January 2011: Changes to the coven boss system add the 12-hour "execute" phase and drop the requirement for 10 of the 20 vamps needed to be from the tier below the coven boss's level.
  • 22 February 2011: Coven bosses opened to all players, but the amount of rewards available to those more than 10 and 20 levels above the coven boss are reduced.

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