Battle alligator

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Battle alligator
Mounts-Battle alligator.jpg
Bound mount
Blank image2.jpg     Requires:
Level 110
Procs-Anemia.png  Proc: Anemia
Procs-Infection.png  Proc: Infection level 4
Procs-Innoculation.png  Proc: Inoculation level 3
Procs-Reptilian charge.png  Proc: Reptilian charge level 7
Procs-System shock.png  Proc: System shock level 4
Procs-Toughness.png   Proc: Toughness level 2
Procs-Trample.png  Proc: Trample

     Crafting 1,000,000 credits 


When you're up to your armpits in alligators,
it's hard to remember to drain the swamp.

— Ronald Reagan


The battle alligator is a mount.


You must be at least level 110 to craft and use the battle alligator.

Passive abilities

The battle alligator ncreases your maximum bloodlust by 30.

The battle alligator also increases the chance that you will gain anemia in battle by 5%.


You may gain one or more of the following procs in battle with the battle alligator in your setup:

  • Procs-Anemia.png  Anemia: Anemia is an offensive proc that gives a chance to apply the weak blood status effect to an opponent.
  • Procs-Trample.png  Trample: The trample proc is both an offensive buff and a defensive buff that is occasionally activated at the beginning of combat. When it is activated, it eliminates one of the opponent's servants for the entire battle.

Additional information


You must craft the battle alligator with the assistance of the jungle expedition, the local merchant in the dread jungle.

Crafting materials

Collect the following items to craft the battle alligator:

  • 30  
Alligator training 101
  • 1  
Primordial matter
  • 100  
Savage scales
  • 100  


You cannot trade or give a battle alligator to another player.


You cannot disenchant a battle alligator.


  • 13 January 2013: The battle alligator mount was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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