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Offensive buff procs

Banes are procs that can increase the damage dealt.

In all instances, that damage is only dealt against a particular type of creature.


Bane Directed against
Bloodbane Vampiric creatures and other players
Demonbane Demonic creatures
Dragonbane Draconic creatures
Lifebane Corrupted creatures
Lightbane Righteous creatures
Spiritbane Ethereal creatures
Techbane Techno creatures
Terrorbane Abominable creatures
Wildbane Bestial creatures
Wolfbane Lycanthrope creatures
Xenobane Xeno creatures


The amount of additional damage that occurs varies by the bane proc's level:

Bane level Additional damage percentage
Level 1 +5% of final damage amount
Level 2 +10% of final damage amount
Level 3 +15% of final damage amount
Level 4 +20% of final damage amount
Level 5 +25% of final damage amount

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