Axes of eternal flame

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Axes of eternal flame
Weapons-Axes of eternal flame.jpg
Bound fire axe-type weapon
Blank image2.jpg     Requires:
Level 110
     Rage required: 100
Procs-Incinerate icon.png  Fire damage: 90–100
Procs-Abominable burst.png  Proc: Blaze level 6
Procs-Chain attack.png  Proc: Chain attack
Procs-Fireball icon.png  Proc: Combustion level 4
Procs-Dispel.png  Proc: Dispel
Procs-Execute.png  Proc: Execute
Procs-Execute.png  Proc: Execute
Procs-Execute.png  Proc: Execute
Procs-Fireball icon.png  Proc: Fireball level 8
Procs-Fireball icon.png  Proc: Fireball level 4
Procs-Fireball icon.png  Proc: Fireball level 6
Procs-Firecurse.png  Proc: Firecurse level 3
Procs-Firecurse.png  Proc: Firecurse level 3
Procs-Healing flames.png  Proc: Healing flames level 3
Procs-Iceward icon.png  Proc: Iceward level 6
Procs-Ignite.png  Proc: Ignite level 4
Procs-Incinerate icon.png  Proc: Incinerate level 5
Procs-Incinerate icon.png  Proc: Incinerate level 10
Procs-Stun.png  Proc: Stun

     Crafting 30,000,000 credits &
5,000 blood sapphires 


Say my name sun shines through the rain
A whole life so lonely
And then you come and ease the pain
I don't want to lose this feeling

— The Bangles


The axes of eternal flame is a bound fire axe-type weapon.


You must be at least level 110 and have at least 100 rage points to craft and use the axes of eternal flame.


The axes of eternal flame has the ability to deal between 90 and 100 mystic damage against an opponent in each round of a battle.

Passive abilities

The axes of eternal flame increases your chance of hitting an opponent by 10%.

The axes of eternal flame also increases the chance you will make a critical hit on an opponent by 10%.

Weapon proficiency

The axes of eternal flame is an axe. Your setup with an axes of eternal flame will gain additional skills as your axe proficiency increases.

Axe proficiency adds a 5% chance to make a critical hit on the opponent at level 1, a 10% chance to make a critical hit at level 2, and a 15% chance to make a critical hit]] at level 3.

The glyph of the beheader used with the axes of eternal flame will count each battle as two towards axe proficiency.


Using the axes of eternal flame with the glyph of the beheader will increase the damage dealt by the axes of eternal flame by 20%.


You can inscribe an axes of eternal flame with any of the wrath inscriptions for weapons.

Sockets and gems

An axes of eternal flame has a total of three sockets for gems:


You may gain one or more of the following procs while using the axes of eternal flame:

  • Procs-Chain attack.png  Chain attack: The chain attack proc is an offensive and disruptive proc that gives a chance to deal an additional weapon attack in the same combat round. Chain attack can be gained up to 5 times in a single combat round. Effects that are triggered by hitting an opponent may also trigger again.
  • Procs-Ignite.png  Ignite: The ignite proc deals additional fire damage against an opponent whenever it takes any damage. Ignite is a level 4 proc on an axes of eternal flame.
  • Procs-Stun.png  Stun: The stun proc is a defensive buff that causes an opponent to lose the ability to attack for one round of a battle.



You must craft the axes of eternal flame with the assistance of the jungle expedition, the local merchant for the dread jungle.

Crafting materials

To craft the axes of eternal flame you must collect and deliver to the jungle expedition 30,000,000 credits, 5,000 blood sapphires, and the following:

  • 1000  
Corrupted wood
  • 100  
Hellfire sparks
  • 6  
Spark of dragonflame
  • 1000  
Dream dust
  • 50  
Necronomicon page
  • 2  
Ice-tempered soulsteel
  • 6  
Red gryphon feather
  • 10  
Simple wooden totem
  • 1  
Eon axes
  • 4  
Primordial matter


  • 14 January 2013: The axes of eternal flame was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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