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The moment you open your eyes you notice that something is wrong. You remember that stranger who attacked you in the back alley, the blood spilled over the place, the pain, the darkness. Yet you seem to be alive. There is no pain but a weird feeling of hunger. The beautiful woman who is leaning over you smiles at you - showing her fangs - and greets you with "Rise my childe, I am Lilith, and you are mine now."


Your humanity has gone and there is no reason to call you by your old name. What do you want me to call you? Please be tasteful (PG13), the antediluvian reserves the right to change your name or ban your account if you force us to do so.


Very well, Persephone, you are a vampire now. Yes, the myth is true, we exist among humankind. What you are feeling right now is the thirst for blood. This thirst will accompany you for the rest of your existence; however, you cannot simply feed on humans. If humankind knew about us we would perish. Although we are stronger in every aspect than them, they outnumber us by far, and since daylight makes us vulnerable... well, you know the stories. This is the reason why we must co-exist with humans, mingle amongst them, controlling and manipulating them.

There are many of our kind, but only the strongest of us will survive and rise in vampirism society. Soon the time will come for you to battle your new brethren and form allegiances. You are wondering where you are? This is Club noir, yes, the local Goth club. What you don't know is that it is run by vampires and serves as what we call an Elysium, a safe haven, a sanctuary, a harbor in the tempest. No fighting here is allowed. As you see the basement serves many purposes. Maybe it is time that you get dressed and meet Coraline.


This is Coraline. She runs the secret shop in 'Club noir'. You can buy gear here and use some of her special services. You can only use one weapon and one piece of armor at a time. Some pieces of gear are paid with 'Credits', the monetary currency, some with 'Victory points' which you earn from fighting other vampires, and some with 'Blood sapphires', which have to be acquired in special ways.

To help you with your first steps Coraline will give you a basic weapon and some clothes to wear. You will also receive 500 Credits and 50 'Blood pearls'. We will come later to what they are used for.


As a vampire, you have great powers and can command lesser creatures. Yes, this also means humans. I will grant you one vampirism power and teach you how to dominate one companion. Later on you will learn more powers of which you can only use two at the same time. You can increase the might of your power by reading 'Scrolls' which can be obtained from various sources.

Which path do you want to choose?


You are now ready to leave Club noir. You can see your bait − or 'Blood gems' as we call it − in the upper left corner of your menu bar. This bait is used to lure creatures out of their hiding places.

There are four kinds of bait:

Blood pearls: They attract creatures and can be bought from Coraline in 'Club noir'

Blood rubies: They have a chance to attract rare and more dangerous creatures. They are gained through fighting.

Blood sapphires: They have a chance to attract the most dangerous and legendary creatures out there (same attraction as Blood diamonds). Furthermore, Blood sapphires grant you a reduced cost for hunting creatures. Blood sapphires are obtained by transmutating Blood rubies.

Blood diamonds: They have a chance to attract the most dangerous and legendary creatures out there. Furthermore, Blood diamonds grant you bonuses such as increased critical hit chance and a reduced cost for hunting creatures and Blood diamonds are tradeable with other players. Blood diamonds are obtained from helping out the Antediluvians and donating to 'Chronicles of Blood'.


ou have arrived at 'Crows Hill Cemetery', a dangerous hunting place that has been taken over by the undead. You see that you have an attribute called 'Bloodlust'. You start with 300 Bloodlust. Trying to encounter a creature costs you 12 Bloodlust and one piece of bait. Every 5 minutes 6 Bloodlust are regenerated.

Hunting grounds have many secrets. There are secret merchants who can craft powerful items for you. Other strange creatures are trainers that can teach you how to dominate servants and send you on quests.

You have to find certain items to get the attention of merchants and trainers. Now click on above and step on the path of damnation!

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