Avatar wars

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Avatar wars
GUI-Avatar wars.png

It is time to fight for the honor of the faction that you represent.

— Andi the Antediluvian

(Didn't know you were selecting a "faction" when you picked your avatar, did you ?)

You can reach the "Avatar wars" tab by clicking on Battle Blue arrow right.png Avatar wars.



Avatar wars means that all 12 factions are paired against each other. It doesn't matter if your avatar is male or female.


Players of a faction (e.g. Japanese vampire avatars) get double victory points for defeating the faction they are paired against.

Attacking players also get an additional bloodbane 2 buff for the fight.



The following scrolls can be won in avatar wars fights:

Victory points

Victory points are calculated as follows:

  • If the level of the loser minus the level of the winner is greater than or equal to -1 the winner gets (3 + Level difference) Victory points
  • If the fight is between an avatar wars pairing, these Victory points are doubled.
  • Attackers who won a fight will have the 2 VP they spent to start the battle refunded
  • Defenders who won a fight now even get one VP when their level is up to 3 levels higher than that of the defender. (Before they only got VPs when their level was one level higher). Simpler: Defending gets you more VPs!

Every Monday at 11am CET the Avatar wars pairings are randomly determined.

The defensive PvP quest "It's a trap" now rewards 150 VPs instead of 200 VP due to the changes in VP for defender.


  • 27 April 2011: Avatar wars was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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