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A vampire's tastes evolve over time, and they like to have a variety of options of what to wear to suit a particular situation. Fortunately, Coraline and the Battlemaster along with the various merchants, and even some creatures are prepared to help a new vampire find the look that suits them best. For a price, of course....

Different types of armor are necessary to protect and defend different parts of the body. Some armor also serves an aggressive role as well as a protective one.

Your stat points must be naturally acquired (allocated from stat points you earn as you level up) to determine if you have the appropriate amounts of rage, control and constitution to purchase, craft, or use some pieces of armor..

All armor

See the complete list of all pieces of armor.

Types of armor

Among the types of armor available to your vampire are:

Head armor
Heads-Crown of the ancients.jpg
Chest armor
Armor-Plate armor.jpg
Hand armor
Hands-Digital pointers.jpg
Leg and foot armor
Boots-Riftcaller sandals.jpg
Chinderash belt

Acquiring armor

There are many places where armor and weapons can be acquired.

Merchants that can be reached by every vampire beginning at at level 1:

  • Coraline, the merchant at Club Noir
  • Ivan, the battlemaster

Later you will find additional armor available (through crafting or purchase) at the merchants located in each area:

The wandering merchant is generally available during special events in the special event locations:

Some creatures, epic bosses and coven bosses also drop very powerful and unique items.

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