Archangel gryphon

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Archangel gryphon
Mounts-Imperial gryphon.jpg
Bound mount
Blank image2.jpg     Requires:
Level 133
Procs-Trample.png  Proc: Crush
Procs-Brothers in arms.png  Proc: Brothers-in-arms
Procs-Exorcism.png  Proc: Exorcism level 3
Procs-Evasion.png  Proc: Evasion
Procs-Execute.png  Proc: Execute
Procs-Noble charge.png  Proc: Noble charge level 3
Procs-Penance.png  Proc: Judgment level 3
Procs-Heroism.png  Proc: Heroism level 3
Procs-Awe.png  Proc: Awe
Procs-Holy debuff.png  Proc: Angel's wrath level 2
Procs-Tenacity.png  Proc: Tenacity level 3
Procs-Healing icon.png  Proc: Heal level 5
Procs-Divine wrath.png  Proc: Divine wrath level 3
Procs-Ascendence.png  Proc: Ascendance level 4

     Crafting see below 


Be on thy guard against the Gryphons,
the keen-mouthed unbarking hounds of Zeus,
and the one-eyed Arimaspian host,
who dwell around the stream flowing-with-gold,
the ferry of Plouton."

— Aeschylos


The archangel gryphon is a mount.


You must be at least level 133 to craft and use the archangel gryphon mount.

Passive abilities

The archangel gryphon mount increases your maximum bloodlust by 30.

The archangel gryphon mount increases your maximum blood by 350.

The archangel gryphon mount increases your chance of gaining chain attack in battle by 3%.


The archangel gryphon has the following procs associated with it:

  • Procs-Trample.png  Crush: The crush proc is both an offensive buff and a defensive buff that is occasionally activated at the beginning of combat. When it is activated, it eliminates two of the opponent's servants for the entire battle.
  • Procs-Awe.png  Awe: The awe proc gives a chance to apply the awestricken status to an opponent.
  • Procs-Healing icon.png  Heal: The heal proc is a defensive buff that will over time heal a certain percentage of damage that has been dealt by an opponent. Heal is a level 5 proc on an archangel gryphon mount.
  • Procs-Ascendance.png  Ascendance: The ascendance proc is an offensive proc that gives a chance to increase rage and control for the remainder of the combat. Ascendance activates only at the beginning of a combat round. Ascendance is a level 4 proc on an archangel gryphon mount.

Additional information


You must craft the archangel gryphon with the assistance of the undead broker, the local merchant for Crows Hills Cemetery nightmare mode.

Crafting materials

To craft the archangel gryphon you must collect and deliver to the undead broker 200 blood sapphires, 3000 blood badges and the following crafting materials:

  • 3  
Blooming life
  • 3  
  • 100  
Dream dust
  • 3  
Red dragonscale
  • 30  
Ghost ink
  • 10  
Golden gryphon feather
  • 1  
Imperial gryphon
  • 7  
Shadow cube


You cannot trade or give an archangel gryphon to another player.


You cannot disenchant an archangel gryphon.


You cannot remove an archangel gryphon from your inventory by scrapping it for credits.


  • The archangel gryphon mount was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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