Angel's wrath

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Angel's wrath
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Offensive buff



The angel's wrath proc is an offensive buff that causes the opponent to take additional damage from holy weapons and other sources of holy damage.


The angel's wrath proc is gained at the beginning of combat.


The amount of additional damage from holy sources varies based on the angel's wrath proc's level:

Angel's wrath level Damage
percentage increase
Level 1 +10%
Level 2 +20%
Level 3 +30%
Level 4 +40%
Level 5 +50%

Equipment and usage info

The following pieces of equipment can add the angel's wrath proc to your setup:

Item Type Level req'd Angel's wrath level
Archangel gryphon Mounts bddLevel 133 2
Daywalker belt Belt abbLevel 11 2
Dragon's gaze Set bonus aabLevel 1 3
Dragonslayer servant Servant abbLevel 11 2
Holy gun "Purgatory" Weapon adgLevel 36 1
Mooncaller claws Accessory Level 17 1
Relics of Antioch Set bonus afhLevel 57 2
Seraphim Servant aabLevel 1 2
Soul redeemer Accessory aabLevel 1 2
The howling Set bonus aabLevel 1 1
Truesilver rapier Weapon afeLevel 54 1
Truesilver sigil Accessory afbLevel 51 1
Truesilver sword Weapon afgLevel 56 3
Zealous doom Inscription aabLevel 1 2



The following creatures may gain the angel's wrath proc in battle:

Limited-availability creatures

The following creatures from special event and portal locations may gain the angel's wrath proc in battle:

Epic bosses

No current epic bosses can gain the angel's wrath proc in battle.

Coven bosses

The angel's wrath proc can be gained by any coven boss during any battle.


  • 1 July 2010: The angel's wrath proc was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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