Ancient blood

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Ancient blood
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Healing proc



The ancient blood proc is a healing proc that increases the amount of blood being healed.


There is a percentage chance of gaining the ancient blood proc when an item associated with it is equipped as part of your setup.

The ancient blood proc can affect the amount of blood healed by the blood infusion proc and the heal proc if they are gained simultaneously.

Healing rate

The amount of additional blood that can be healed with the ancient blood proc varies based on its level:

Level Additional blood healed
Level 1 +10%
Level 2 +20%
Level 3 +30%
Level 4 +40%
Level 5 +50%

Gaining and using ancient blood

If you want to add the ancient blood proc to your setup, consider the following pieces of equipment:

Item Type Level req'd Ancient blood level
Ancient emerald Gem acbLevel 21 1
Armor of the bloodmender Chest armor aihLevel 87 2
Atlantean diving suit Chest armor Level 119 4
Blooming wardstone Accessory aabLevel 1 2
Blue dragonhide tunic Chest armor ajjLevel 99 3
Bovine boon Vampiric power abbLevel 11 1–4
Breastplate of the Ajaw Chest armor baiLevel 108 3
Cataclysm mage Servant aabLevel 1 2
Dark fairy Servant abbLevel 11 2
Dolphin Servant aabLevel 1 2
Genetic enhancer matrix Accessory bcgLevel 126 2
Glyph of lifegiving energy Glyph abbLevel 11 1–3
Lifebound defiance Inscription aabLevel 1 1
Natural sigil Accessory abbLevel 11 1
Path of the ancients Boots abjLevel 19 1
Path of tranquility Talent tree bonus aabLevel 1 1–3
Pendant of the crescent moon Accessory abgLevel 16 2
Piebald coffin Coffin ahbLevel 71 1
Piebald power Set bonus afbLevel 51 1
Pumpkin belt Belt aebLevel 41 1
Red buttermilk injector Accessory aafLevel 5 2
Riftcaller raiments Set bonus aggLevel 66 1
Robes of Seth Chest armor aghLevel 67 1
Sarcophagus Coffin agbLevel 61 1
Scale of the green dragonflight Accessory aabLevel 1 2
Soul redeemer Accessory aabLevel 1 1
Spirit talker Servant aabLevel 1 1
Staff of mending Weapon agbLevel 61 1
Touch of the ancients Hand armor abgLevel 16 1
Verdant stag Mount aabLevel 1 2
Yeti fur coat Chest armor ajbLevel 91 2



The following creatures may gain the ancient blood proc in battle:

Epic bosses

The ancient blood proc may be gained in battle by the following epic bosses:

Coven bosses

The ancient blood proc can be gained by any coven boss during any battle.


  • 09 July 2010: The ancient blood proc was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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