Alithia the warlock queen

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Alithia the warlock queen
Creatures-Alithia the warlock queen.jpg
Undead creature
     Level: 60
     Rarity: Legendary
Procs-Ascendence.png  Proc: Ascendance
Procs-Bloodbane icon.png  Proc: Bloodbane level 2
Procs-Corrupted. icon.png  Proc: Corruption
Procs-Cursing icon.png  Proc: Curse level 5
Procs-Damnation icon.png  Proc: Damnation level 4
Procs-Nightfall.png  Proc: Deathtouch
Procs-Dispel.png  Proc: Dispel
Procs-Disrupt.png  Proc: Disrupt
Procs-Fireball icon.png  Proc: Fireball level 3
Procs-Fireward icon.png  Proc: Fireward level 10
Procs-Incinerate icon.png  Proc: Incinerate level 3
Procs-Jinx.png  Proc: Jinx
Procs-necrosis.png  Proc: Necrosis level 4
Procs-Nerves of steel.png  Proc: Nerves of steel
Procs-Nightfall.png  Proc: Nightfall level 4
Procs-shadowward icon.png  Proc: Nightward level 20
Procs-Seduction.png  Proc: Seduction level 15
Procs-Shadowcurse.png  Proc: Shadowcurse level 4
Procs-Trample.png  Proc: Trample
Procs-Void.png  Proc: Void
     Damage type: Shadow



Alithia was once a mortal girl. She has been resurrected by a mighty demon after her death and has started to study the dark arts of fire and shadow. Once she became more powerful than her master, she slew him and ruled the infernal planes as the Warlock Queen from then on.


Creatures-Undead.jpg Alithia the warlock queen is an undead creature.


Alithia the warlock queen can inflict shadow damage on her opponent.


Alithia the warlock queen may have the following procs available in battle:

  • Procs-Ascendance.png  Ascendance: The ascendance proc is an offensive proc that gives a chance to increase rage and control for the remainder of the combat. Ascendance activates only at the beginning of a combat round. Ascendance is a level ? proc on Alithia the warlock queen.
  • Procs-Cursing icon.png  Curse: The curse proc is a disruptive buff that occasionally activates at the beginning of a battle. When it is active, curse reduces the opponent's rage and control for the entire battle. Curse is a level 5 proc on Alithia the warlock queen.
  • Procs-Disrupt.png  Disrupt: The disrupt proc is an offensive buff that gives a chance to remove a buff from the opposing player in every combat round.
  • Procs-Jinx.png  Jinx: The jinx proc is a strategic/disruptive proc that increases the chances that an opponent will be more susceptible to damage from an environmental proc and that also increases the chances that the user of the jinx proc will be the beneficiary of any healing-related environmental proc.
  • Procs-Seduction.png  Seduction: Used at the beginning of combat, the seduction proc is a defensive buff that reduces the opponent's chances of making a critical hit during the battle. Seduction is a level 15 proc on Alithia the warlock queen.
  • Procs-Trample.png  Trample: The trample proc is both an offensive buff and a defensive buff that is occasionally activated at the beginning of combat. When it is activated, it eliminates one of the opponent's servants for the entire battle.
  • Procs-Void.png  Void: The void proc disrupts a battle by preventing an opponent from using any feats.


Alithia the warlock queen can summon the following creatures to battle on her behalf:



You can only encounter Alithia the warlock queen in:

Talent trees

Defeating 10 {uc names earns one talent point. | s = s}}


You are more likely to encounter Alithia the warlock queen if you are using blood diamonds or blood rubies as bait.


To complete this quest, you must defeat Alithia the warlock queen 3 times by deathblow.


Vanquish Alithia the warlock queen in battle, and you may occasionally discover that some of the following items have been left behind:


  • 6 September 2010: Alithia the warlock queen was added to Chronicles of Blood.
  • 23 April 2011: Alithia the warlock queen gained the procs bloodbane, disrupt, dispel, and necrosis. Curse increased from level 3 to level 5, seduction specified to 15, fireward set to 10, nightward set to 20, and necrosis set to 9 (instead of 4).
  • 27 April 2011: Necrosis went back to level 4, removing the mistakenly added necrosis 5.

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